And that how I saved the world

Too often we engulf our lives with movies, TV, books, comics, or even magazines that program us to follow the ways of this world. Worst of all, we teach our children to do the same. Our children look to us as leaders and influencers for the way they should live.

Does your son or daughter mimic the things you do? I know my daughter mimics many things I do. That is why I have had to change many BAD habits in my life.

Here are some examples of things that your children should see you doing.

  • Pray - It is the most important thing that we should pass on to them.
  • Reading the Bible - If they see us reading our bible, it will teach them to desire the same.
  • Movies and TV - watch things that include Christ (The Chosen or things such as Pure Flix) *Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with any of the organizations*
  • Speech - Let your children hear you speaking kindly to others
  • Actions - Let you children see you helping others
We all have A LOT of work to do. Remember this one thing if nothing else, be honest with yourself in how you set the example and begin working on changing. If not for you, for your children and the future of this world.

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